Life Insurance: Attracting, Serving, and Keeping Your Best Clients

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Believe me. Your clients want you to help them with their life insurance. That includes what they buy, how they track and manage their policies, and when it’s time to change their coverage.  In the past, most of us relied on a life insurance agent to tell us these things.  But as we now know, many of those agents have a divided loyalty to their particular carrier, and many agents simply disappear after the sale.  Turnover in the industry is quite high.

It is also likely that your clients may not want to take the time to bring outside insurance agents up to speed on their complete financial picture every time they need to buy coverage or consider changes to what they own.  This makes you, the comprehensive advisor, the one person in the best position to address life insurance as part of a complete financial plan.

However, many advisors don’t have the time, the people, or the resources to get into the life insurance advice business.  AdvisorServe has a solution for each of the different times you encounter a need to address life insurance. 


When you are seeking new coverage for your clients, AdvisorServe can gather and deliver all of the competitive information you need to present options to your client.  We will then manage the process all the way through to policy placement.


For ongoing policy management, AdvisorServe can collect policy performance data, consider ways to improve coverage, and give you options, all on a schedule that suits you.  This keeps everyone current. 


Finally, no client situations are static.  Changes in a client’s life bring changes in objectives, and thus a potential need for changes in their insurance.  Life changes include such things as: 

  • Birth of a child
  • Marriage
  • Divorce
  • Retirement
  • Job changes
  • Health changes

We are here to talk things through and offer fresh ideas to make sure your clients are well-served.  That’s why advisors work with us.  

With the use of AdvisorServe’s intellectual capital and resources, you will be in the best position to do what you do best – advise your clients.  Our efforts will significantly reduce the time you would otherwise take to track down information or research carriers and pricing.  Ultimately, our goal is to make your practice very efficient and effective in guiding your clients.  

Throughout the coming year we will be presenting a number of ideas and insights to NAPFA members.  We look forward to serving you and we hope to meet many of you online, over the phone or in person in the months ahead.