You, the advisor, are our client. Our efforts are directed toward your needs as you seek to serve your clients well. Any direct contact with your clients is minimized and fully under your control, normally based on the nature of the work and your preferences regarding delegation. The information and analysis provided by AdvisorServe comes with no commitments. If we recommend policy replacements or new coverage, you are free to direct the resulting insurance business to us or any agents you select.

Our efforts involve the use of exceptional outside resources as well as our own local talent. We have a robust policy management and policy review system in place to ensure you and your clients are up to date on policy status. Where appropriate and with proper authorization, we can collect existing medical records and provide you with likely insurance pricing and mortality studies. Development of these studies is rarely within the capabilities of accountants and attorneys, but we believe it is absolutely critical to the planning process and decisions concerning existing or prospective life insurance coverage.

We can provide competitive pricing information among most of the major life insurance companies, giving you important due diligence when evaluating proposals and existing life insurance policies. These resources also include important financial information and ratings for virtually all major life insurance companies you will encounter. Our resources even enable us to search more than one hundred products when requesting even a simple term quote. When you have access to information such as this, you can perform your planning without opening the door to a career life insurance agent and you can verify whether pricing offered to your clients is fair.

AdvisorServe can assist your firm in countless other ways. If you have an insurance question, we are here to help.