Life Insurance Design – Advisors frequently construct plans for their clients that may or may not include life insurance. AdvisorServe can offer assistance in the development of life insurance solutions and in the structuring of life insurance policies to fit a particular planning situation. We can make recommendations on the type of coverage, such as term, whole life, variable life, equity index life, or universal life. And within those categories, we can assist in the selection of assumed earnings rates, dividend options, riders, funding patterns, financing, and ownership structures. The complexity of life insurance policies can work to a client's advantage, or they can ultimately detract from the success of your planning. We may utilize the resources of insurance industry attorneys and CPA’s whenever needed to help assure the success of your planning efforts.

Long Term Care Insurance Design - Determining the best strategy to fund a potential extended care event used to be easy. Unfortunately, many insurers have left the traditional market, those that are still in have periodically raised premiums, and now there are new products on the market that only serve to complicate the matter. At AdvisorServe, we understand the importance of properly planning for a potential extended care need. We are able to support an advisor by helping to find the best fit, in both strategy and cost for what their clients are aiming to achieve. Whether it is a traditional LTC product, a life insurance product with a long term care rider, or even a hybrid style product which blends both; AdvisorServe is familiar with them all and can help you compare and contrast the different options for your clients and help guide you in finding the right product for your client's goal.