Term Pricing – With available software, term pricing can be determined very efficiently. We are happy to deliver to you a search of the lowest rates for term insurance. This can be especially helpful whether you are evaluating someone's proposal or simply checking on pricing to help you in developing planning for your clients. This effort can be limited to certain carriers or with any number of filters that reflect your preferences. You are also invited to check rates through the use of our quote engine:

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Competitive Ladders – Partners Financial actively maintains information on the pricing offered by several of the major life insurance companies relative to their cash value policies. In fact, Partners Financial’s data base has been used by some life insurance companies when developing pricing of new products. Whenever you are seeking pricing information for cash value life insurance, AdvisorServe can provide you with the current competitive ladder for many situations. This will enable you to evaluate certain proposals on a very simple comparative basis as well as give you insight into pricing when you are involved in planning situations involving life insurance. This information is provided to our partner advisors upon request.